Thursday, April 13, 2017

Add Spring Annuals to Enhance Your Curb Appeal

It's that time of year again! Fresh annual color will brighten up any landscape and enhance your curb appeal this Spring. We would love to hear your ideas, share ours, and help you make your entryway or monument sign stand out! Check out our seasonal color gallery for inspiration.

Our Favorite Annuals:

  • Begonias - Our company favorite. Plant in an area with partial sun, partial shade with a rich soil amendment. They are available in pink, red, and white flower varieties with a combination of red or green leaves. They are low-maintenance, low-water and disease/pest resistant.
  • Dahlia Mystic - A compact flower with a dark brown foliage. A beautiful addition to any garden or planter that requires low maintenance and medium watering amounts.
  • Impatiens - A traditional favorite that bring a pop of color to your property. Water often and enjoy!

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