Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Welcoming our Newest Clients

We're pleased to welcome two new clients to our maintenance services division. Tanglewood HOA in Rincon Valley was brought to us by Focus Real Estate & Investment Property Managers and we want to extend a big THANK YOU to them. We started working with them 3-1/2 years ago and this property is one of seven properties where we collaborate.

It's always a feather in our cap to install a landscape and then be hired to maintain the property afterwards. That's exactly what happened with the Fountaingrove Lodge. We look forward to taking care of this beautiful property today, tomorrow and in the distant future.

Planting Trees...Now's the time

Properly Staked Tree
Tree Lovers take note. The ideal time to plant a tree is in early spring which is late February to early April. There's a lot to know and do to ensure proper installation, staking and then subsequent removal of the stake.

In an ideal world, trees would never require staking but because so many of them are grown in containers, their roots and trunks are not strong enough to support themselves once they are planted in the landscape. It's also important to stake properly thus avoiding damage to the tree.

So if you're looking to plant a tree that will bring beauty and enhance your property for many years, please contact us. We can assist you in selecting the best tree for your needs and making sure that it gets off to a great start!

We're here to help. Simply call 707 578-2657!

Spotlight on Water Conservation: Copperhill Business Park

Copperhill, managed by Keegan & Coppin, Inc., is a business park near the Sonoma County Airport. From 12/1/2011 - to 11/29/13, Landesign C & M did many things to help conserve water and the results are impressive! Not only did Copperhill see their water bill decrease by 26.3%  ($970 savings) they also reduced water use by 20.3%, saving 117,000 gallons of water. Even more impressive is that rainfall decreased 90% from 2012 to 2013. The icing on the cake is that Copperhill will recognize a return on their investment after just 2.9 years. Here's what we did:

    • Installed smart irrigation equipped with weather sensor and rain shut-off 
    • Installed new mainline pressure regulator and filter
    • Replaced spray irrigation with drip lines and emitters in planting beds 
    • Spread mulch to retain moisture and prevent runoff in planting beds
    • Replaced 130 sprinkler heads with Toro Precision Spray Heads in turf areas  
    • Applied for Town of Windsor 'Water Efficient Landscapes Rebate' and Copperhill received 50% rebate for all eligible irrigation equipment

    We are continuing additional irrigation upgrades and are working with the property manager to budget for a a final phase in 2014.

    For more information about rebates in your area please visit www.landesign-inc.com/about/resources.php OR even better, call us at 707 578 2657 for a free site analysis. Next time, let it be your property we're showcasing!

    ECHO - Executive Council of Homeowners

    On February 8th 2014 we sent a team to represent us at the ECHO Marin Seminar and Tradeshow. This organization is important to our industry as it is the only California non-profit dedicated to education and advocacy on behalf of HOA's. Sharing information through articles and seminars helps members get through tough situations. As important, ECHO lobbies to improve laws that govern HOA's and limits the damage from pending legislation.

    You're Invited to the Next Event so don't forget to register.


    Stop by our booth, drop off your business card and enter to win some exciting raffle prizes!