Monday, July 25, 2016

The Meaning Behind Colors:

 There is nothing like color in the right places to make your property stand out from the rest! With plenty of time in the season to add color to your property, let's address how to best catch peoples' attention:

Purple: a dramatic and luxurious color to tie into landscape design, that may be warm or cool depending on its surrounding colors
Yellow: an optimistic color bringing happiness to the garden when used in small quantities
White: a fresh and clean color that creates a bright appearance in landscapes
Orange: conveys happiness and creates a friendly atmosphere while bringing attention to areas where planted
Green: creates a restful landscape that conveys reassurance and safety, bringing calm spaces into the landscaping
Red: excellent for drawing attention to focal points on your property
Blue: a cool and calming color that works best when paired with purple and yellow blossoms

Click here to read the full article "Tips on guiding your clients through color choices in the landscape" by Jill Odom, Total Landscape Care.

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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Landesign's Five CLCA Award Winning Properties:

Landesign Construction and Maintenance, Inc. is thrilled to report our five award-winning properties from the 45th California Landscape Contractors Association, North Coast Chapter 2016 Awards!

  • The Management Sweepstakes Award was awarded for The Wolfe Residence, an honor as this is the highest award given by the CLCA

  • 1st Place Award for Mountain Shadows Apartments in the Category of Medium Commercial Maintenance

  • 1st Place Award for Calistoga Residence in the Category of Medium Residential Landscape Installation

  • 1st Place Award for Bell Village for the Category of Large Commercial Landscape Installation

  • Recognition Award for Magnolia Farm House for the Category of Large Residential Installation

CLCA's Awards Program reflects the association's commitment to promoting professionalism with in our industry. The program is designed to recognize outstanding performance by the chapter members, foster company pride in superior workmanship, publicize our industry, and encourage business for CLCA contractors and suppliers.

Friday, July 1, 2016

July is Smart Irrigation Month!

July is Smart Irrigation Month! We celebrate the positive impact that efficient irrigation and water use has on our environment and encourage you to do the same! Learn more at