Sunday, April 19, 2015

On Trend: The Art of Xeriscaping

Spring is in the air and our landscapes are beginning to change. In California's current drought and water shortage it is important to re-imagine the way we view our landscapes.
Landesign sees the new water restrictions and measures as a challenge that we are ready to help you handle. Read on to learn more about how we can help you re-imagine your lawn and landscape with the art of Xeriscaping!

Governor Jerry Brown has directed the state to cut water usage by 25%. A series of water reduction practices including replacing 500 million acres of lawn with drought tolerant landscaping, plans to save 1.5 million acres of water. 

Re-imagining your lawn spaces can be a daunting task but Landesign is ready to help with the trend of xeriscaping. Xeriscaping is the principle of climate appropriate plant selection, superior design, extensive mulching, minimal turf, and efficient irrigation. Replacement of traditional lawn with ground cover and low bunching grasses is a key element of this design.

 All these contributions set the stage for conserving our local water source and providing a beautiful habitat for our enjoyment and wildlife. 

Let us help you by providing a custom plant palette and creative solutions to limit water use while not hindering your properties aesthetic appeal.

Consider rock beds, boulders, and boldly structured plants as surprising elements to diversify your space. We can help make your ideas happen, start here