Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Fire Blight Management: Prevention of a Devestating Horticulture Disease

Fire Blight Management
 Prevention of a Devastating Horticulture Disease

California's drought has left many trees and plants stressed. High stress factors combined with a late rainy season in California's bloom season, creates a perfect breeding ground for deadly bacteria.
Sonoma Counties greatest concern and threat to Pear, Apple, and Rosaceae species is Fire Blight.

Fire blight is a contagious bacterial disease. It is a worldwide threat but hits home in Sonoma County with its devastating effects on our Pear Trees.

The Bacteria attacks blossoms in spring and gradually moves up into the trees system. The bacteria causes a scorched appearance on the infected stems, bark, and leaves. Branches and trunks become plagued with cankers. Infected blossoms will turn brown, wilt, and die within 1-2 weeks.

Our climbing temperatures provide optimal conditions for the spread of the bacteria. Splashing rain, insects, birds, and wind easily spread the bacteria from tree to tree. 

 At Landesign we are noticing fire blight in Pear trees all over the county, do not feel alone in this battle!

It is important to take proper measures to professionally inspect your pear and other fruit trees for fire blight and to make plans to control its spread if infection occurs.

Landesign can help with this process by providing a thorough tree inspection and help you take measures to stop further spread. Please contact us here to get started and to help defend California's Fruit Orchards!