Friday, June 13, 2014

Know Your Roots!

California native plants have deeper root systems that allow for greater water absorption in the soil and less runoff. Landscaping with native plants is a great replacement for lawn and other less drought tolerant landscapes. Native plants are able to penetrate native soils up to find water. These plants are adapted to local conditions such as nutrient-poor soil, drought, and disease.

Penstemon heyterophyllus 
Violet flowering native
Salvia sonomensis
Purple flowering native

5 Tips to Ensure Your Landscape Will Beat the Heat

Water early in the morning - or as the sun is setting. Watering at these times of the day will decrease water evaporation before it reaches the roots. Giving the roots a good soaking will encourage the plant to grow towards the surface instead of downwards in search of water.

As soon as you have watered - mulch your plants to retain moisture in the soil and decrease evaporation. There are many "recycled" mulch options such as grass cuttings, home-made compost, shredded prunings from your shrubs. Shading plants with horticulture fleece is another alternative and is important for vegetables.

Do not dig your flower borders or vegetable patch to keep moisture from moving to the surface leading to evaporation. You should continue to pull weed as they are fierce competitors for the moisture in the soil.
Direct the water straight at the roots of at-risk plants, which include seedlings, newly transferred plants, trees planted within a year, and those that are flowering or producing fruit. Well-established shrubs and trees can cope for a week to 10 days without water and weeds can go without the extra attention as well.

Do not water your lawn! Once the rains return, so will the rich green color of your lawn. Avoiding mowing will also keep the water inside the grass blades and reduce the recovery period for your grass. Watering deep and infrequently yields the healthiest roots.

Welcome Aboard Operations Manager, Ron McCann!

Please join us in welcoming our newest team member, Ron McCann, as our Operations Manager. Ron has been in the landscape industry since 1975, working for his father on the golf course. Lessons learned from his father instilled the ethics and the strong leadership skills that have guided him through the past 30 years in the industry. Originally from Minnesota, Ron lived in Arizona for 25 years before moving to the Bay Area in 2012.

The depth and range of his experience comes from 20 years during which he owned a landscape consulting firm and held Regional Operations Manager positions. Ron has an associate's degree in Agronomy and Plant Sciences, he is a Certified Arborist with the International Society of Arboriculture, and also holds certifications in Sustainable Landscape Management and Water Auditing with the Irrigation Association. In his free time, Ron enjoys playing golf, watching a good foreign film or hockey game, biking and taking walks with his fiancé, Rita, and their dog Manny.