Saturday, June 24, 2017

National Rose Month

Roses are a beautiful addition to any landscape! To keep them producing gorgeous blooms, ensure they:
  • Are receiving 6-8 hours of full sun, daily
  • Have drip irrigation set up to avoid diseases caused by too much water
  • Prune often by Thinning (Removing branches to reduce density) or Reducing (shortening the plant height) or Heading (Forces new buds to grow)
  • Know the type of rose you are pruning - pruning style depends on what species you have
We recommend adding rose fertilizer to your rose bushes in March to keep them strong year-round.

To read more tips on Rose Care, go to Celebrate National Rose Month with modern roses by Beth Hyatt at Total Landscape Care.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

June is Safety Month

During the fast-paced summer, safety is crucial to the success of our operation. We have a weekly tail-gate safety training program in place and a larger monthly safety and landscape skills training program. At these meetings our supervisors reinforce safe working practices and demonstrate best practices and techniques in landscape maintenance and installation. It is our goal to continually educate our crews with the latest in the industry so we can provide exceptional service to you. We thank you for counting on our skilled team of landscape professionals to achieve your landscape goals!

CVS Project in Sebastopol

Earlier this year, our construction division installed new drought tolerant landscaping at the new CVS location in Sebastopol, CA.

The landscaping included a variety of grasses - read below to learn more! 
  1. California Gray Rush is a unique plant that can withstand both dry conditions and wet, saturated soils
  2. Prairie Fire Sedge is highlighted by orange in the stems
  3. Berkeley Sedge is a low growing grass of green bunches, that is drought tolerant once established
The general contractor for the project was Stewart James Construction, Inc. and the Landscape Architect was David Briley with Blair, Church & Flynn Consulting Engineers.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Weed Abatement

Property owners are responsible to maintain their high weeds throughout the dry season (typically May 15th through November 1st). In order to remain in compliance with your local municipality, you must maintain the high weeds throughout the dry season.

Please contact the office or your account manager to discuss our high weed abatement services offered, or click here to send us a message!

Fire Safe precautions that we can help you follow, some of which are required by law:
  • Remove dead limbs overhanging your roof and any limb within 10 feet of your chimney
  • Create common areas between buildings, and prune areas of heavy vegetation that are a threat to both structures
  • Clear away any flammable vegetation within 10 feet of wood piles, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) tanks and any fuel storage containers
  • Clear pine needles, leaves or other debris from the roof of your property and any other buildings on your property
  • The defensible space should extend at least 30 feet out from your buildings in all directions
For more information regarding fire safety in your area, go to these links:  

Chalk Hill Estate Winery: Vegetable Gardens Installation

Chalk Hill Estate Winery located in Healdsburg, has extensive organic gardens which provide their Estate Executive Chef with a bounty of fresh herbs, fruits and vegetables including many heritage varieties - that are used in specially-created dishes designed to showcase their wines.

Landesign installed these expansive clover-shaped veggie gardens in September of 2016. The 26,000 square foot garden consists of dry stacked stone walls, subsurface tech-line irrigation (In-line Drip), and a smart irrigation controller with a rain sensor. This project was designed by Landscape Architect Don MacNair with MacNair Landscape Architecture.