Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Rain Gardens: A Creative Solution to Exterior Drainage

   In this rainy season it is best to take notes of where your exterior drainage could be improved to protect your property from damage. Poor drainage can cause a number of problems that will affect your property value, safety, community water source, and landscape longevity. At Landesign we have you covered when it comes to providing creative and smart solutions to protect your property. Rain Gardens are a beautiful and environmentally friendly solution to helping you control your storm water runoff. Please contact us to help you get ready for the next winter stormhere!

Main Indicators of Drainage Problems

1. Excess water around your buildings.
2. Planting beds with standing water and drowned plants.
3. Watery driveways and walk ways with pooling areas.

Storm Water Pollution

As our cities grow our impervious surfaces increase. This results in a large amount of storm water runoff going directly into our sewers and in our waterways without filtration. This storm waters journey leads to a collection of pollutants such as heavy metals and oils which can harm your local water quality and surrounding habitats. The best way to decrease storm water pollution while providing a more aesthetic appeal to your landscape is through rain gardens.

Rain Gardens

A rain garden is a thoughtfully designed shallow depression that is planted with appropriate plants and flowers designated for your sites conditions. A rain garden is designed to collect and absorb water that runs off your impervious surfaces or structures and allows it to seep naturally into the ground. The plants play a huge role in helping filter pollutants out of the storm water and allow a high standard of water quality to enter your local water source. 

Benefits of Rain Gardens

1. Recharges local groundwater
2. Reduces Mosquito Breeding
3. Creates a natural habitat for local wildlife
4. Reduces flood potential
5. Protects local rivers and streams
6. Provides 30% more permeability than lawns

What Landesign can do for you!

If you are interested in having an analysis of your exterior drainage and proposed solutions, please contact us here! Please contact us to discuss more about our rain garden solutions and how Landesign can custom design and install a beautiful solution to your drainage needs!

Friday, January 2, 2015

Preparing Your Trees for the New Year

Happy New Year from Landesign!                                       
 Winter is upon us and so is the new year! Now is the time to take the necessary steps
 to prepare your trees. Landesign can help, call us to request a tree inspection here!

1. Pruning- Winter is the best time to prune. During the winter months, plant
material enters a state of dormancy where it can tolerate removal of dead
branches more. Pruning is always more effective when done pro-actively
versus re-actively.

2. Mulching - Applying 2 to 4 inches of mulch just before winter helps
regulate soil temperature. Young tree roots have a tendency to heave up out
of the ground with continual freeze-thaw cycles. Organic mulch also helps
conserve soil moisture, prevents weeds, and keeps the organic matter in the

3. Inspecting - Take a look at the roots especially near the tree base for
decay. Signs of cracking, swelling, and bark coming off signal a tree that may
need to be removed. Insects infestation is also a sign of a failing tree.

4. Bracing for ice - Our upright evergreens are the most susceptible to ice
and becoming brittle. Proper pruning of weak branches is the best defense.

5. Fertilizing - With fertilizer application, timing is everything. If applied to
early, trees may start to use it too soon. November and December are the
best months to be most effective in spring.

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