Monday, March 31, 2014

Welcoming Our Newest Clients, Hansel Auto Group & Splash Express Car Wash

With the addition of Hansel Mazda and Ford Dealerships, we are pleased to handle the maintenance of all of Hansel's properties on Santa Rosa Auto Row. Keeping the car theme alive we are also happy to report that our construction division recently completed the work for Splash Express, an automated high tech, express car and truck auto wash that provides great service at an affordable price!

We first worked with Landscape Architect Don MacNair to install the landscape with an eye towards total water conservation. Water from the car wash is captured and stored for irrigation through the use of 3 storage tanks, a small pressure tank and a booster pump. The beauty of the system is that the storage system is constantly being replenished by water otherwise destined to go down the drain. Since there is no irrigation meter, no water is being used from the city system which equates to a sizable savings in money and a plentiful supply of water. The system has been designed to increase in size as necessary to irrigate both Splash Express Car Wash and the adjacent Kia Auto Dealership.

Keeping Splash Express looking good is now the responsibility of our Maintenance Division and we look forward to the task for many years to come. Check them out!

Cross Creek Renovation, Before & After

Cross Creek is a lovely subdivision in Petaluma with a large community park and wonderful walking paths. This community space is one of many Landscape Assessment Districts owned by the City of Petaluma and it was in desperate need of some work. Filled with weeds and dead and dying plants and trees, Landesign Construction & Maintenance, Inc. was hired to clean up the space and then continue with monthly maintenance.
A homeowner representative from Cross Creek says it best. "The removal of all dead trees and shrubs, replacement plants/tress and mulch have made a tremendous  difference. We appreciated the opportunity to meet with Bob Cerri to review our concerns and his team has done a wonderful job with their attention to detail."


March Mulch Madness

Nothing has a greater impact than the appearance of a fresh application of mulch. The benefits of a sufficient layer of mulch are varied, not the least of which is that it keeps shrub beds looking fresh and clean. Most importantly though, fresh mulch helps contain weeds and also keeps water from evaporating too quickly. This soil moisture retention is essential during our dry, hot summers and even more so now with drought conditions. So with that in mind, we recommend re-barking every other year in early spring after we finish up pruning and pre-emergence application.

Let us help you choose the best type of mulch for your property by calling Bob Cerri for a free-site analysis @ 707 578-2657.

Spring has sprung!

We'd like to encourage all of you to touch base and let us assist you with a plan to enhance the curb appeal of your property as well as protect your existing landscape investment. With our help, the needs of your property can be evaluated on several levels - from plant health and safety to aesthetics and functionality. Here are many ways we can make a difference....

1. Problem Solving: Water conservation, drainage and/or erosion control, safety issues, improving traffic flow with vehicles and pedestrians and windbreak and hedgerows
2. Renovations and Updates: Turf renovations or replacement, synthetic turf, new controllers and drip system conversion
3. Quality of Life: Seasonal color, decorative rocks, outdoor living spaces, pavers etc., water features and specialty gardens
4. Plant Health & Maintenance: Mulch and refreshing mulch, replacement of overgrown/diseased trees & plants, weed abatement, cleaning and clearing leaves and dirt
We want to be part of your proactive planning so please click on this link or call us. We're here for you. Happy Spring!