Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Synthetic Turf, a drought-friendly Solution for Henry Curtis Ford

Henry Curtis Ford is an automotive dealer located in Petaluma. This area is known to be very windy, and these winds were creating issues with the new cars getting wet as the lawn was watered. Mix spray irrigation with wind and shiny new cars and you get very unappealing water spots. Because visual appeal is so important in their industry, the client was open to exploring ways to solve this problem.

Synthetic turf was the best solution. Not only would synthetic turf address their water spot issues, but it allowed them to add 3 parking stalls to display their new vehicles, conserve water, and maintain the curb appeal.

We removed over 3,500 sq. ft. of turf and replaced it with synthetic turf and 3 compacted parking stalls. In addition, we removed 4 Raywood Ash trees to reduce the presence of surface roots and replaced them with 4 24 in-box Magnolia trees with fir bark around the base of each tree to retain soil moisture and suppress weeds.

Assisting Henry Curtis Ford was just one of the most recent projects our team was able to utilize our expertise and industry knowledge to leave a property better than when we found it. Contact us today if you think synthetic turf could be the solution for you. We'd be happy to help!

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