Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Weed Abatement

Property owners are responsible to maintain their high weeds throughout the dry season (typically May 15th through November 1st). In order to remain in compliance with your local municipality, you must maintain the high weeds throughout the dry season.

Please contact the office or your account manager to discuss our high weed abatement services offered, or click here to send us a message!

Fire Safe precautions that we can help you follow, some of which are required by law:
  • Remove dead limbs overhanging your roof and any limb within 10 feet of your chimney
  • Create common areas between buildings, and prune areas of heavy vegetation that are a threat to both structures
  • Clear away any flammable vegetation within 10 feet of wood piles, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) tanks and any fuel storage containers
  • Clear pine needles, leaves or other debris from the roof of your property and any other buildings on your property
  • The defensible space should extend at least 30 feet out from your buildings in all directions
For more information regarding fire safety in your area, go to these links:  

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